How To Use This Site

Finding the particular chart you wish to see is fairly intuitive.

1. To select the correct decade, either hover over the Charts button on the main menu at the top of each page, then click on the correct decade from the drop down list which appears OR click on the Charts button then click on the correct decade from the list which appears in the main body of the page.

2. Click on either the decade if you wish to see the top 100 for the decade OR the particular year of interest.

3. If you clicked on a particular year, you now have the choice of the full year, or each month in the year. Please note that there are currently no monthly charts shown before 2008, but this will be rectified shortly once we have completed the enlargement of our database.

Searching Individual Charts

Every chart page has a search box immediately above the chart table. As you type each character into the search box, the table immediately changes to only include rows which have the sequence of characters you have typed within either the Artist or the Title field. Normally 3 characters are sufficient to eliminate any line not meeting your search criteria. One thing to watch out for is artists who style their name in a particular way, e.g. Pink styles her name P!nk and Ty Dolla Sign is stylised as Ty Dolla $ign.

Listen To A Sample

If the title on any chart shows as a hyperlink (Title shown in blue text), clicking on it will open a new page on Amazon's site. This will allow you to listen to a sample of the track. Listening to the sample is completely free, but should you decide to purchase from Amazon, as an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases, and we will earn a (very) small commission.